Public Lecture on the International Commercial Mediation and Signing Ceremony between International Commercial Mediation Centre For The Belt And Road and Malaysian Mediation Centre on Thursday, 23 April 2020

History was made on 23 April 2020 with the first online international public lecture and MOU signing ceremony by China International Commercial Mediation Centre For The Belt And Road and the Malaysian Mediation Centre.


With Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns disrupting our lives and the Mother of Great Depressions sweeping the globe, it is moving to see our common spirit of togetherness, human resilience and firm resolve to overcome the challenges ahead.

I outlined the Covid-19 disruptions affecting cross border transactions and the use of force majeure clauses and doctrine of frustration of contract to work out the rights of parties in international contracts.

Mediation is the way forward to resolve Covid-19 disputes between innocent parties affected by disruptions beyond their control. It is speedy, preserves relationships and allows parties to unlock cash flow to survive the Covid-19 Economic Crisis.

Congratulations to Shanti Abraham for an excellent lecture covering all aspects of mediation especially online mediation in a new Covid-19 world where new outbreaks and lockdowns are expected to feature regularly, with social distancing and online solutions becoming the new normal.

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