Mediation And Resolution of Covid-19 Force Majeure Disputes Webinar on 23 April 2020 at 2.00 pm


Shanti Abraham and I will be speaking at a International Belt and Road Mediation Webinar on 23 April 2020 at 2pm.

Registration is free and is available for up to 1000 participants from China, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

The event will promote Malaysia as a Belt And Road Initiative Hub for Legal, Mediation And Arbitration Services.

We will also be signing a MOU between Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC) and International Commercial Mediation Centre for the Belt And Road (BNRMC) in Beijing.

In my capacity as Mediator and Malaysia Representative of BNRMC, I am happy to arrange the MOU between the parties for MMC to host BNRMC Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur to help mediate and resolve COVID-19 Force Majeure and other international commercial disputes between Chinese companies and their foreign counter parties.

10 MMC mediators from Malaysia will join their Chinese mediator colleagues on a Joint Panel of Mediators to provide mediation services for international commercial disputes.


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