Training Legal Talents For Chinese Go Out Enterprises

On 22 March 2019, I spoke on “Corporate Compliance For Chinese Go Out Companies And Training Of Supporting Legal Talent” at the Seminar on Cultivation Of Practical Ability Of Foreign Related Legal Talents hosted by the School of International Law of Southwest University of Politics and Law (SWUPL) in Chongqing, China.

The event was attended by academics, judges, prosecutors and law firm representatives from all over China and Asean.

In my lecture, I covered:

(1) The experiences of successful Chinese Go Out Companies;

(2) The importance of good preparation and Corporate Compliance;

(3) The drastic consequences of non compliance;

(4) Obstacles For Successful Overseas Investments;

(5) Common Cross Border and Cross Cultural Issues;

(6) Legal Risk Management;

(7) Common Legal Compliance issues;

(8) How to train supporting legal talents;

(9) The JLPW Law Internship Program;

(10) How we train JLPW Chinese law interns;

After the lecture, I attended an award ceremony to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Southwest University of Politics And Law for the contributions of our JLPW Law Internship Program for training SWUPL law students since 2016.

In the evening, we visited China Asean Legal Research Centre’s new offices and held a dialogue with School of International Law Dean Zhang Xiaojun and representatives of China and ASEAN law firms where I shared:

(1) my experiences over 30 years of assisting Chinese Go Out Companies;

(2) the work I am doing as Co Chair of The Belt And Road Committee of The Law Association For Asia And The Pacific in supporting the Belt And Road Initiative; and

(3) the Belt And Road events we organized with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the Kazakhstan Bar Association, the Hong Kong Law Society and a potential event in Vladivostok for Northeast Asia and the Arctic Silk Road and how we help train and introduce Chinese lawyers to the laws and practices of Belt And Road countries.

Our relationship with SWUPL began in 2007 when I attended its Yubei Campus Opening Ceremony in my then capacity as Chairman of the Business Law Section of the Law Association For Asia And The Pacific.

In subsequent years, I often return to SWUPL for visiting lectures, the China ASEAN Legal Talent Training Base Conferences, China ASEAN events and law internship programs.

It is always a pleasure to meet SWUPL alumni all over China. Recently, I met former SWUPL law interns in a top Shenyang law firm in Northeast China and in Kyoto University in Japan.

SWUPL’s law graduates have spread their wings far and wide and achieved influential positions in courts, law practice and society in China today.

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