Malaysia’s New COVID 19 Mediation Centre

It started with the germ of an idea during the C19 MCO lockdowns in Malaysia in March this year, when I explored how to resolve C19 force majeure disputes with fellow mediator and former colleague Shanti Abraham.

We explored a Malaysia Covid 19 Mediation Initiative using mediation to resolve C19 disputes rather than following other countries in using volunteer adjusters in the absence of lawyers.

We focused on our unique strengths at Malaysia Mediation Centre where we had already trained some 700 mediators, and started lobbying our government agencies with proposals to Malaysia Productivity Centre, Professional Services Nexus Group, Pemudah and other agencies.

Shanti did an excellent job which resulted in mediation as a proposed solution for Covid 19 disputes in Malaysia’s new Covid 19 Law which took effect last month and saw the birth of the new Covid 19 Mediation Centre yesterday.

Most of our fellow mediators have applied to be mediators of the Covid 19 Mediation Centre and we look forward to mediating cases soon and help preserve business relationships among SMEs and protect the key job creation and economic engine of the country in these trying Covid 19 pandemic times.

It is pertinent to note that the Law Minister spoke about Mediation in his press statement but somehow the press interpreted it as arbitration. This shows that there is still much work to be done to educate the media and public about the benefits of mediation and how it can protect the fabric of economic relationships, the economy and society generally.

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