Lanzhou New Area: The Most Strategic And Promising One Belt One Road Hub In China

Ever since I started teaching as a One Belt And One Road Initiative Legal Expert in Lanzhou University in November 2018, I have always wanted to visit Lanzhou New Area including Lanzhou Inland Port as an important stop in China for the Belt Across Central Asia to Europe and also the Southern Connection to Fangchenggang and Qinzhou Port in Guangxi to South East Asia.

So when we finally made the trip today with Prof Cai Yuhong of Lanzhou University Law School and Lanzhou lawyer Alan Smith, what we saw far exceeded our expectations.

Considered an almost “dead road” in the Loess Plateau of Northwest China for many years, the One Belt And One Road Initiative has given Lanzhou a new lease of life.

Lanzhou New Area is a state-level new area (special economic and political administration zone) established in 2012 and is under the direct control of the municipal government of Lanzhou, Gansu province. It is located in the valley around Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, 30 kilometres from the old city of Lanzhou. It is the first state-level new development area in northwestern China, and the fifth state-level new area in the country. (Source: Wikipedia)

With acres of cheap and available land that far outstrip in size the China Inland Port in Xian making it one of the largest Inland Logistics Port in China, Lanzhou is set to attract investments and relocating factories from Yiwu, the factory centre of the world in Zhejiang Province as well as other parts of China.

Cheap labor in abundant supply and strong government support and incentives are attractive to foreign investors who are tipped to make a beeline to Lanzhou as a manufacturing centre for export of goods to Central Asia, Europe, South Asia and ASEAN, making it one of the most strategic, promising and fastest growing One Belt One Road hubs in the world.

A quick overview of Lanzhou New Area can be viewed on video documentaries in Chinese here:



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