Myanmar’s Future Remains Bright

Increased competition for investments into Myanmar from multiple countries is a healthy sign that the country is headed in the right direction of sustainable growth and economic development. The future remains bright.

Five years into our foray into Myanmar, our Yangon team JLPW LEGAL SERVICES (MYANMAR) is handling legal matters across a broad swathe of sectors including manufacturing, retail, trading, banking and real estate development.

The legal skills and expertise required are more complex, moving on from simple set up and licensing services into complex structuring and legal documentation of business transactions that grapple with Myanmar’s both dated and new untested laws and a bureaucracy rudely thrusted into the modern demands of an international economic order.

Myanmar was once ruled out of British India together with Straits Settlements which included Penang, Malacca and Singapore, and its legal system bears close resemblance to the legal systems of India, Malaysia and Singapore with a shared common law heritage. Lawyers from these jurisdictions are best positioned to undergird Myanmar’s leap into its bright promising future.


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